Why Choose Little Brilliant Minds?

Skilled Trained Staff

Our head teachers are NYS certified in Early Childhood Education and our assistant teachers are have completed required training hours in early childhood as well as certificates in child abuse and maltreatment. ALL STAFF MEMBERS ARE MANDATED REPORTERS which means by law we report any child abuse etc. Our staff has more than 10 years of combined early childhood experience.

Excellent Programs

We offer after school programs for children up to the age of 6 years old from 2:30-5:00pm. The program includes homework help, reading, and site word practice. We offer a fun filled summer camp program that runs for 6 weeks! We have a flexible schedule; our program is filled with fun and excitement! We have water play activities, science experiments, class trips and in class visits from the TRAVELING ZOO!   

Clean Facility
Our indoor and outdoor area is clean, attractive, and ideal place for safe learning environment. Each classroom are equipped with safe child accessible furniture and materials. We clean and disinfect daily according the CDC's guidelines for School Administrators.
Preparation For Kindergarten

Our "PRE-K FOR ALL" program dedicates the last unit of study on transitioning to kindergarten.  Our teachers work closely with parents to help them apply for kindergarten, answer any questions, giving families complete confident with their littles ones STEPPING UP.  Our curriculum includes books and activities that help our students with the understanding and preparation for kindergarten.   We even take trips to the local public school to see a kindergarten classroom, meet teachers and the principal.  

Little Brilliant Minds Inc. takes education above and beyond.
Our educational philosophy is that education should be child-centered.
Always engaging & creative!


Ms. Joann
Ms. Joann is a certified early childhood teacher with 12 years of teaching experience with toddler and Pre-K For All programs. Her knowledge and experience in Early childhood education allows her to create a fun learning environment geared towards meeting the developmental milestones of her toddlers. Joann is also the school director which allows her to work closely with the parents to ensure that they are involved in their child's learning and the blossoming of our school community.

-First Aid & CPR Certified
Ms. Francesca
Co-Owner/Educational Director
Ms. Francesca is a certified early childhood teacher with 10 years of experience in the Pre-K For All program. She also has a certification in Special education. Her experiences allow her to fully understand the development of her students and create a child centered environment! Ms. Francesca partakes in professional development and training to maintain and plan Little Brilliant Mind's educational curriculum within the the New York City Board of Education requirements for Early Education.

-First Aid & CPR Certified


Early Childhood

Early childhood education is the most important foundation for your child’s learning! Our classrooms are designed to create safe environments that invite child centered learning!! When your child decides on how they will learn, they will love learning!

Half Day Program

Our Half Day Program contains the same learning and activities as our Full Day Program except within a shorter timespan.  Our program helps parents who want to introduce their child to same-aged children, and early age learning.  

Full Day Program

From 7:30 to 5:00pm, Our Full Day Program is jammed packed with enrichment that includes fine/gross motor play, centers, music-time, meals, story-time and much more!

We strive to keep our students active, educated and engaged.  Statistics show that children who attend full day preschool show readiness and advanced for kindergarten and beyond!

Universal Pre-School (UPK)

Free Full day Pre-K Program (From The Board of Education) - We strictly follow the Early Childhood units of study which are designed to teach children foundation concepts in math and literacy as well as giving children the opportunity to learn through learning centers. Our 10 learning centers invite children to learn independently through different medias.  Each center allows our children access to all the materials as well as being equipped with books and writing material to encourage pre writing skills.  Our Pre-K for All class is closely monitored and guided by NYC BOARD OF EDUCATION coordinators as well as program quality feedback by a third party such as CLASS or ECERS. This guarantees that our program meets all the standards and requirements which ensure your child is receiving a quality and appropriate education.

Toddler Program

Our toddler program is a smaller scale model of our PRE-K FOR ALL. Our children are introduced to routine, self help skills, and the foundations for social skills needed for their development. They engage is large group activities such as music, story time, dancing, and circle time.  They also engage socially in their small scale learning centers where children independently explore through art, building, sensory play, inventive play and so much more! 

Parent Testimonies

We've got so much help, care and love from Ms. Joann and Ms Francesca! Our little boy loves to go to Little Brilliant Minds!
Eni H.
Joan and Fran are excellent with the children and have so much loving energy to give!
James N.
My daughters second home, her second family. I am so glad she attends this school.
Sally M.


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